Personal data

The Tuto-How website collects information (login, e-mail) when you register as a member of the website. When you connect to, a “log” file stores the actions performed by your computer (via its IP address) to the server.
When you sign in as a member of the pdf course site and check the box, a cookie is sent to your computer to remember your login and password. This is only available to automate the login process, and is not used by Simple IT for any other purpose.

The PDF Course Site and our advertising partners may also be required to make use of cookies, desktop or mobile screen resolution, your provenance and IP address, your choices, and your age; if indicated on the profile of the registered member, this time to optimize the targeting and the rotation of the banners. This information is used for statistical and targeting purposes only and is never stored or used by our partners.

Computer Law and Freedoms

You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any personal data that concerns you (article 34 of the law “IT Rights” of January 6, 1978).

List of Tutorials

The tutorials of our website are the property of their respective authors, unless otherwise stated. These are subject to a license indicated at the beginning of each tutorial.

If no license is indicated, this means that all rights are reserved by the author and therefore the author does not authorize copying.

If you want to partially or completely reproduce a tutorial, check first of all that the license of the tutorial allows it.

If you write lessons, tutorials and guides you have to agree that the website will display advertising on the pages concerned in order to cover its running costs, even if you choose a license type “NC” (Non Commercial).

You further agree, regardless of the license, that the Tuto-how team will modify your courses list or tutorial at any time for the purpose of spelling and grammar corrections only.

The creation of our members

Members can write courses in doc form (followed by their description) and send it to our administrative team. These are published under the Creative Commons BY-SA license since 03/06/2009. Other members and the site team may have to modify the content to improve the spelling or to complete certain parts.

The team reserves the right to decide whether or not an article can be published on the homepage at any time. Members can vote for news to encourage the team to publish it.

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